Why Use a Non-Stim Fat Burner?



In the supplement world there are a ton of varying fat burning tools. The idea behind a fat burner is to help you eliminate body fat while still maintaining muscle mass. This is ideal as you create a very lean, muscular look with your physique. Fat burners tend to do this by using stimulants such as caffeine. You may be thinking that those are for preworkouts, but they are in fact, great for losing body fat as well.

While that may seem crucial, there are actually tons of new fat burners that don’t utilize stimulants. This is a great change of pace as you can take something that will be effective at helping you lose body fat, while also allowing you to sleep at night! In this post, I’ll be covering how this can be of benefit for you.

Why Non-Stim?

In the previous section, we talked about how a non-stimulant fat burner can help you lose weight without the rush from something like caffeine. The caffeine really does three things. It does provide you with energy, whether you are wanting that or not. It helps to increase body temperature, which can provide some benefit for weight loss. Then finally, caffeine and other stimulants are going to help curb your appetite. A lower appetite keeps cravings away, which are often what will hold you back from losing body fat in the first place.

So, why would you want to choose something that doesn’t include these benefits? Well, the thing is that you don’t have to miss out on those benefits without caffeine. There are other vitamins, nutrients, extracts, etc. that can be used for the same fat burning perks all without the jitters or caffeine.

One of these ingredients is Capsicum. This is in most standard fat burners, but it should still be noted. This extract is from peppers and helps to raise your internal temperature as to increase your metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate is going to lead to more calories burning for the sake of fat loss.

Another is Olive Leaf Extract. This is directly from the olive tree itself and has been shown to help module your glucose metabolism, as well as help with burning more body fat. Obviously this is going to be a huge benefit for anyone taking a fat burning supplement.

Hunger is again, going to be a huge speed bump in a weight loss journey. That is what caffeine normally helps with, but there are less aggressive ways of achieving this. Hibiscus flower extract is a great way to lower your hunger and increase satiety, which leads to better commitment to your plan.

Lastly, there are ingredients like InnoSlim, which is a great non-stimulant solution for fat burning. This ingredient helps to turn on adiponectin pathways, which allows for a higher level of this helpful hormone. Adiponectin aids in the regulation of insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, and inflammation. All, obviously, good for weight and fat loss.

Where Can You Find This Stuff?

The thing is that not all products are going to include ingredients like these, nor are they going to include the right dosage. The thing with supplements, is that they may have cool things in them, but they don’t always have enough. This is where companies like 1UP Nutrition pride themselves. They have a new Stimulant-Free Fat Burner that has everything we just discussed and more. It’s all properly dosed so you don’t have to worry if you’re getting enough, and you’ll be sure to see the effects without that crash. You can find it here to check it out.

Closing Thoughts

Now, it must be said that a fat burner isn’t going to do all the work for you. There are still things like a calorie deficit and exercise that are needed to make any of this happen. That fat burner is going to help you push to the next level, while still doing all those things. However, it’s great that there is an option that won’t keep you up with the jitters all night. You can have the same benefits of a regular fat burner; it just won’t light you up!

Consider including it in your routine to see how shredded you can get!