The Benefits of Taking Pre-Workout

Pre-workout is a very popular supplement. It’s made its way into pretty much every gym bag there is. Why is this so? The human experience can be exhausting. So, there are times when we need a little pick me up to make it through a tough workout.

Sometimes, we know the days workout is going to be a rough one. We may need a little extra something to help us push those limits and make those gains.

Pre-workout can be many different things. Typically, it comes as a stimulant. There are ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, and beta-alanine that can help increase stamina and performance. Not to mention, they help to increase your alertness. No one likes to groggy, tired, or unfocused during a workout.

Let’s talk about the benefits.



You wouldn’t need a supplement if it didn’t have some sort of benefit. Taking pre-workout can provide tons of benefits depending on the formula that is used. Some are used for energy, and others are used to help transport nutrients to the muscles. Most companies will sell you a “two part” supplement like this. However, good companies will combine them into one powerful product. 1UP Nutrition does a great job of that with their all-in-one pre-workout.

If a pre-workout contains caffeine, then it will give you a little pep in your step. Caffeine can help to extend workouts and make you feel more awake.

Some other ingredients such as citrulline malate can help to transport nutrients to the muscles. This helps to increase endurance, increase the pump, and even increase recovery. The extra blood will help transport more oxygen through the body, which equals more endurance.

As you work out, you build up acid in the muscles. This is what causes the “burn” and soreness. Beta-alanine is a great supplement to combat this. It helps to level out the pH of the muscles, which in turn allows you to workout longer and stronger.

In a nutshell, pre-workout can help you to take your workouts to new heights. This helps to break through plateaus by pushing your limits.

Is it essential? Not always. Will it help you make gains? Yes.


How to Take It

In regard to actually taking the pre-workout, there are certain things to consider. You may actually be sensitive to stimulants. Everyone breaks these things down different in the body, and some may get a stronger kick out of it. This can lead to jitters and you not being able to sleep well. So, it is advised that you always assess your tolerance by using a smaller dose to begin with.

There are other products that don’t contain caffeine as well. You could use a carnitine supplement as a pre-workout. This helps to increase your endurance and strength during your workouts. Here is a great product by 1UP Nutrition.

If you’re someone who is fine with stimulants, you still should make sure to pay attention to how much you take. Stimulants can still hinder your sleep even if you have a high tolerance. This can negatively affect the amount of recovery you are getting.

It is advisable to also cycle off of pre-workout supplements. A great cycle length is THREE months on with the supplement followed by ONE month off from using this. Over time you can get conditioned for it, and this can lower the amount of “effect” that you receive from the supplement. So, if you would like to get the full effect from your pre-workout, take some time away from it from time to time.



Pre-workout is a great supplement. When looking to make the most progress with your training, you need an edge sometimes. Pre-workout can help to give you this edge. Stimulant or stimulant-free supplements can help to increase your intensity, strength, and endurance with workouts.

When you can work out longer and harder, you receive more gains. It’s simple!

Make sure to find the right amount of pre-workout for you!

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