Ryan Peachey

”Lukas has been a terrific coach for me. I had been weightlifting and working hard to change my body but I was not seeing any effective results. Once I started working with Lukas and had my nutrition adjusted I began to notice changes and see a difference in the way my body was responding. The workouts that Lukas has prepared for me have also worked me differently and I have felt a significant change following through with them. Lukas is available to answer any of my questions relevant to my training and has guided me in supplementation and directed me in ways to help expand upon my own knowledge so that I can continue to learn more. All in all Lukas is a good trainer and coach for me to use.”

Ray Barcomb

Having worked with two other coaches, they helped me drop weight and body fat, but at the expense of muscle. Frustrated with lack of real progress, thats when I turned to Lukas to help coach me to the bodybuilding stage. I’ve been working with Lukas for a while now, since that time we have done a short re-comp where he helped me drop some serious fat and maintain if not grow muscle in a short period of time, to a short bulk where my diet provided enough food for mass gain, and strength that went through the roof. His nutritional and supplement guidance is on point and his workouts are challenging and have kept me injury free. For the investment Lukas provides a top notch service and I look forward to continuing my transformation with him.

Brent Broussard

My training experience with Lukas Duncan, hands down,  has been the best decision I think I could have made. Lukas is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and very experienced on many levels. When it comes to achieving your goals, he doesn’t give you just a basic plan. He specifically writes up your plan based on your goals and your body type. Lukas is very personable and hands on. With Lukas you don’t feel as if you are just a number. I am full of questions….I sometimes speak to Lukas 2-3 times a week. He always responds very promptly and never has he made me feel as if I’m a bother, or that my questions are idiotic. I could go on for days about the reasons that Lukas Duncan should be your personal trainer. Lukas is the man! Give him a shot! I promise you won’t be disappointed.  – Brent Broussard.

Jonathan Adams

After a couple of years of minimal progress in the gym I finally decided I wanted to get serious about changing my body, that’s when I approached Lukas. Working with Lukas has been a great learning experience and he’s helped me reach my goals faster than expected. Like most people I’m too busy to research the newest supplements, or calculate all of my dietary needs on a regular basis, or write up a new intense workout plan, but working with Lukas takes all of the guess work out of bodybuilding. He sends me my weekly diet and training and I follow it, at the end of the week he evaluates my progress and makes adjustments accordingly. How easy is that!? I just wanted to be told what to do and his method of coaching works perfect for my lifestyle and my goals. Lukas is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions quickly and thoroughly and I appreciate that! His services are very reasonable and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

– Jonathan


Devin Kelley

I have been training with Lukas for around 8 months. I have far surpassed all of my goals. I have learned a lot also. I use his online training for workout and diet. I also train in in person with him. I have never had this much success in my training. He has the knowledge and experience needed to take people where they want to go. I highly recommend Lukas Duncan as a trainer to anyone who is ready to take their training to another level. Show preparation or just getting the beach body you have always wanted. Get a hold of Lukas and find potential you never knew you had.

Tyler Dillman

“Choosing to work with Lukas was the best decision I could have made. The knowledge and experience Lukas has is unbelievable, and I’ve learned so much from him! I always have questions and they always get answered with a quick response. Whatever your goal is Lukas will do everything possible to help you reach it. My body has completely transformed under the guidance of Lukas and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for not only a great coach but a great mentor. I guarantee if you make him your coach you won’t ever regret it! I look forward to continuing my progress with Lukas!” -Tyler Dillman

Dustin Fouts

If you want someone who can help you better yourself and help coach you to reach the goals you want to achieve than, Lukas Duncan is the person to go talk too.  I first met Lukas Duncan a couple years back when I first became very interested in weight lifting. Lukas would always tell me to eat more to put size on so I did and guess what, it worked and eventually I started listening to everything he had to say.  A couple years flew by and as of right now Lukas has me on a diet and workout regimen for a Men’s Physique show, I never thought I’d see the day, but with his help I have achieved so much in such little time.  Lukas takes the time to understand each of his clients needs and wants.  He is a straight shooter and will tell you everything you need to be doing and tell you how it is.  So if you want a successful story like mine and a trainer that has the motivation, experience and knowledge in what they are doing than Lukas Duncan is who you want to go see. Remember if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Chase Rasmussen

“I have had the opportunity of working with Lukas as my coach/trainer for three months now, and he has helped me reach goals far beyond my expectations. He doesn’t just give you a general diet and workout routine, he takes the time to focus on your individual needs and adjust accordingly each week. He’s always available to talk if you have questions and replies almost immediately. You couldn’t ask for a better coach. I’ve decided to continue using Lukas as my coach because he has guided me step by step and I have been nothing but satisfied with the results. If you’re looking to transform yourself, or just be in better shape, then Lukas is your guy!

-Chase Rasmussen”

Tristie Thomas

” The results I have achieved since working with Lukas have been incredible!  I had never worked out or ate properly before and he taught me the ins and outs of training and nutrition the right way.  I highly recommend him to anyone, no matter your fitness goal or fitness level! ”

Eddie Hernandez

After years of struggling on what works and what doesn’t Lukas Duncan was referred me. There is no doubt that if a client can have a perfect match Lukas would be mine. Simplicity is my way of life. Between making my workouts 10x more effective as a up coming bodybuilder Lukas also gives me a diet regimen that best suits my life. Simple! It works! I recommend very few people but Lukas I always do! Here is my 5 month difference, just 5 month. Thx you coach Lukas for all your help and guidance

Eddie Rue


” If your looking for a great coach to get you to your fitness goals look no further than Lukas. Lukas has taken me way farther than I could’ve imagined. Before I met Lukas I was just like most people out there. Trying to find the new diet and new training program out there.  I was spending more time on the internet than in the gym. My back and joints would hurt at times, I know it was because of my weight. I took a look in the mirror one day and decided I had had enough. I needed to change my life. I heard about Lukas online coaching and decided to contact him. Am I glad I did! Lukas has been there every step of the way. From week to week meal plans designed for your needs and goals, a  workout program, to supplement information. If I have a question he’s always quick to respond, and keeps me accountable every week. He takes all the thinking out of it, and keeps me motivated. If your ready to get series and change your life Lukas is your man.”

Annika Holliday

Thank you, Lukas Duncan for helping me take my physique to a level that I thought wasn’t attainable.
Not only has Lukas been a great coach he has become a good friend.
I started this with low self-confidence and I finished with receiving two medals at a national show with great competition.
Thank you for making me a better version of myself and for boosting my self-confidence. Even though this journey was hard, I would always choose to do it again and would always choose LBD Training because it is sooo worth it!

Candy Mclllmoyle

I could not be more pleased with the help and training I have received from Lukas. He is very professional and knows what he’s talking about. I have never been in better shape and it’s all due to following his instruction. He really pushes me and is always there to answer any question I may have. Super supportive and very knowledgable. I would recommend you give him a shout if you’re looking to make some change!! He is very dedicated and sincerely cares about his clients.

photo 1 (5)_Fotor_Collage

Jimmy Stray

I’ve been training for a few years now, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve been in any better shape physically and mentally. All of the training, nutrition, and supplementation that Lukas recommends is from his experience and knowledge about products. It’s amazing having a coach that shares the same love for the sport!

JIMMY STRAY (1)_Fotor_Collage

Dylan Tapia

My experience with Lukas has been by far the best. not only is he available 24/7 for clients to reach him,but he is 100% dedicated at what he does,and the services he provides. He takes his roll seriously as a trainer,and doesn’t half ass anything. The outcome to that equals greatness. I think for anyone that has some sort of fitness goal,being small or big, this is the guy you want! At the end of the day,it’s YOUR goals you have set for yourself and he doesn’t steer away from that at all. Not to mention,this guy is packed full of knowledge. The best thing I did for myself,was click the pay pal button and get him on payroll! If you don’t have him yet as a trainer/personal coach ,you are the one that is missing out! I will be with him for years to come! Don’t wait any longer! Get your fit on!


Sarah Vallez

Working in the health field can be stressful when you yourself struggle with diet and exercise. My role as a single mother collided with working three jobs right out of college and I let myself get off track.  I can’t thank Lukas enough for the encouragement and accountability he has given me in the last six months. He was always available to answer all of my questions and was dedicated to helping me reach my fitness goals. As a mother, the diet, exercise and supplement plan he provided has given me with the energy I’ve needed to get through my long days. I love my results! Contact Lukas and stay dedicated to program he specializes for you! Great Coach!


Sharla Addis

Like most people looking to lose weight and get in shape, I thought I could do it on my own. What I could not do was eat the right foods to fuel my body due to a lack of knowledge on what my body needed so I could reach my goals and I didn’t hold myself accountable. I would start a “crash diet” and fall off that diet, gain weight back and then some. I had heard about Lukas after I was talking about wanting to do a bikini competition. I was told that he knew his stuff and could get me where I needed to be in order to reach my goal of competing. I cannot say enough great things about Lukas and my experience being one of his clients. I have learned what my body needs for fuel and why.
I have learned that hard work and dedication, along with a trainer who won’t give up on you or your goals, even when you want to because that would be easier than doing the work, will get you the results you’re after. I have been able to reach my first goal of competing. I look forward to reaching future goals with his help and seeing what my body is capable of.


Jake Woody

I have been working with Lukas Duncan for three months now, and I have never been in better shape.  He is very professional, really knows what he does. Each week he is constantly changing my workouts, making adjustments to my diet, answering any questions I have. It makes it going to the gym every week more fun, knowing you’re going to see change week after week, and the routines never get boring.  In these last three months I have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, my stamina has increased, along with my strength. I wanted to lose weight and tone up, and with his knowledge and help I was able to achieve my goals. I highly recommend LBD Training to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.


Dakota Shepard

Contacting lukas is probably one of the best things I’ve done for myself with goals as a lifter. He has a great amount of knowledge in various topics concerning health and fitness. He gave me everything I needed to achieve my goal, but what it really comes down to is you making the changes and staying disciplined enough to reach your own goal. Lukas is very motivating and encouraging,  and he helps make your journey that much easier.


Robert Grohmann

Wanna thank you again for the help and support during the transformation contest I took 3rd place in. Following your strict dieting/ cardio and workout plan it helped push my body to look better than I ever thought I could. Since still your dieting style with carb cycling and still push hard. Looking forward to training with you again and start using 1Up Nutrition.
Thanks again


Logan Holmes

In January 2015, I was weighing 502lbs which was at my heaviest, which weighed me down physically and emotionally. I was always tired, my feet, knees and back were always hurting and I knew I wouldn’t be around to see the age of 40 if I continued. I knew I needed to make a change and I vowed to myself to do so. I began eating healthier, doing cardio and some weight lifting and I began seeing weight come off. Setting goals was easy, but accomplishing them was a whole other ball game. I worked hard week in and week out, I failed occasionally but I kept pushing.I then found out  that my wife and I were going to have our first baby so that pushed me even harder. I wanted to be here for my family and be a good healthy role model for my family. So through the months of January to the beginning of June I was steady at losing weight on a weekly basis. Towards the middle or late June I hit a plateau that I could not break. I was talking with a buddy of mine at work about and he mentioned Lukas, who he was training with at that time. I was a little skeptical at first until I went to Lukas’s site and saw all of the transformation pics of people that he had or was currently coaching. I thought I will give this a try, so I signed up for 3 months coaching and was successful during those 3 months. Before my 3 months had come to an end I had already committed myself to an additional year with Lukas.
So to make a long story short, as of February 2016 I was weighing in at 283lbs. I have completely changed my lifestyle to commit to a healthy longer life for my family. I now see food as a means of energy or fuel and not for a means of any type of emotional relief or just to eat because I am bored.
I am very thankful for Lukas and glad I was introduced to him. I always try and send new clients to him to receive the same level of respect, encouragement and discipline I have received.


Tanna Lucian

  I am totally pleased with my progress thus far and couldn’t have done it without you!! The weekly check ins help keep me accountable and the workouts/diets are totally doable for me!

Hadden Tincher

I got into lifting and fitness around freshman year. It wasn’t until junior year though that I realized I wanted to take it to the next level and compete and eventually go pro. I realized if that’s really the path I was going to take I would need a good coach. I was referred to Lukas and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The workouts are challenging and new every week. The dieting is spot on to my needs and everything was formulated perfectly to help me succeed, I couldn’t be happier!


Alexander Fischer-Oelschlaeger

At age 44, I attempted to start lifting to get healthier, stronger and to improve my overall physique.  My attempts at working out were unsuccessful because of my diet, lack of motivation and no accountability.  After not seeing improvements, I decided to do one of Lukas Duncan’s 8 week transformation contests.  I liked the fact the he told me what exercises to do, what and how much to eat and the weekly weight and photo check-ins that have helped me be more accountable to my plan and the changes in the photos kept me me motivated.  After the eight weeks were completed, I decided to sign up with Lukas for a year to continue my transformation journey….and what a journey it has been!!!
After a little over a year of being with Lukas, I have changed physically and I have become more confident.  Just a couple of weeks ago, at age 45, I competed in my first men’s physique competition, in which I placed 4th in my category!  I know I did the work, but I could not have done this transformation without the excellent, personalized coaching from Lukas.  I plan to continue with his coaching and with his guidance, I will compete again, next year!!  No matter what a person’s health goals are, Lukas is your man!!!


Carmelo Camilleri

So I have always been skeptical when it comes to online trainers. So many people are out there to scam you and just give you plans they find online and are not legitimate at all. When I came across Lukas Duncan, that entire perspective changed. I read countless amazing reviews, saw numerous transformations posted, and spoke to a friend on his thoughts. His prices are incredibly cheap for the return on investment. People who have no idea what they are talking about charge more than him and scam people, while he is incredibly generous. This is what led me to take a shot, and the results that I had from JUST 8 WEEKS are insane. I am more shredded than ever, could not be happier, and clearly in the greatest shape of my entire life.
I highly recommend him to ANYONE of ANY age with ANY goal. It will work as he’s proved over and over again. He truly takes passion into his work and actually cares about his clients. He also says to allow 24 hours for questions to be responded too, but he always responded to mine very quickly, sometimes just a few min after. The longest I waited was about 3-5 hours, and I asked a TON of questions to make sure I learned as much as possible as I could in order to elevate my fitness to the next level. He even sent me some LBD Training gear which I love wearing to the gym!!!!!!! I am an extremely happy customer, and if I decide to go on a strict bulking routine, he will definitely be my call once again!!!!!!


Brooke Mastroianni

After struggling with finding a diet and exercise plan that worked for me, I came across Lukas Duncan’s training and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. He created a daily meal plan tailored to my schedule, along with workouts that were different every week. He held me accountable via bi-weekly check-ins, and made alterations to the next week dependent on my results.

My body responded in the best way I could hope for to his regimen – I lost 16 lbs, 2 pants sizes, and gained so much confidence, all within 8 weeks. Lukas always responds promptly to any questions I may have. I am looking forward to keeping him as my coach for the next months to come.


Chris Hartman

Overall, I am very happy with the resutls. Also, Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions in the beginning. I was a little apprehensive since you have a lot of IG followers. I wasn’t sure how responsive you where going to be initially. I was definitely surprised. You are very professional and patient. So, THANK YOU FOR THAT!
I will sign back up with you at some point for sure. It was a great learning experience all around.



Thank you very much!! I am so happy with the results!  I haven’t felt this good in a really long time, so thank you again!!  I would recommend your program to everyone! Best decision I made! It was a pleasure 🙂



Thank you so much for the program. It was great and super affordable! Definitely a plan I’ll be able to continue on with. img_20160921_163659-2_fotor_collage

Johnny Adames

I want to thank you enormously for this program. I have seen the changes in my body although it has not been easy since I am a nurse and most of my shifts are 7pm @ 7am but I achieve part of my goal.

Nathaniel Cason

Thank you so much for the program, I loved it! I feel like a totally different person now and It’s amazing what these 8 weeks have done for me.  I definitely will recommend people to you. You have a killer program with a killer price too! I do wish I was more strict with going to the gym and eating but I’m just in a crazy part of my life right now with what’s going.  But I still made sure to watch what I ate. I really do appreciate your whole program! It worked for me and I’m not done yet! I’d still like to lose about 25-30 more pounds. But I’ll be sticking to the program and staying on top of things! The way I feel now I don’t ever want to go back to how I was before! Thank you!


Thank you Lukas for your WONDERFUL program. I haven’t felt this healthy in years! You have provided me the the nutritional and workout knowledge to use to keep on track! Thank you for everything!


Thank you Duncan for all your help! These past 8 weeks were very difficult due to the holiday season. I’m proud of my results, however I learned that I need to be a bit more disciplined and choose carefully when is a good time to diet and transform! Lol Overall, I’m happy with my transformation and I definitely will continue with my diet/workout into the new year. Once again, thank you for your guidance and being readily available when I needed information.


Thanks for your amazing program. The vegetarian diet plan and workout routine was excellent. It was not easy for me as I was going to the gym for the first time and that too at the age of 36. I really feel great after losing weight and some belly fat as well. Will like to continue our journey and make some more gains 🙂

Joseph Jones

Lukas, thank you so much for this amazing 8 week experience. I have definitely completed my goals for this 8 week transformation. Your plan was extremely easy to follow and got me the results I wanted. I had always been a gym newbie but after this plan I’m feeling confident and excited to continue my journey. I would highly recommend anyone else to give the 8 week transformation a try.


Thank u for helping me. My weight this am was 110.2. I feel good and learned a lot from you!!! Keep inspiring!!  Danielle


8 week check in and photos. Weight 236lbs, down 12lbs from starting weight 238lbs.

Thank you Lukas, I feel so much better and your program worked great for me. Being accountable and checking in certainly motivated me to keep to the program! I fell a bit behind with Christmas gym closures and still have 2 of the week 8 workouts to complete but this is just the beginning. I will be out of the country for the last 2 weeks of January but will sign up again when I return to continue the journey. In the meantime I’ll be eating clean and hitting the gym! Thanks again.


Well bro, I broke my second goal. I weighed in at 290lbs this morning. It has been a rough 8 weeks but I truly enjoyed this program. Overall I lost a total of 38lbs and man do I feel great. I will highly recommend you to friends and family. I feel like we have a good thing going here so I’m going to sign up for your 3 month plan. You can post my pics just crop my face out. Thanks again and I’m excited for the next 3 months.


Final weight: 130lb

Lukas, Thank you so much for helping me get started on my fitness journey. I’ve enjoyed your program and am impressed with my results.


Hello mate
Final weight 15 stone 2 pounds, Also lost 12% pure body fat.
Can’t thankyou enough for the program. Despite slight hiccups during the Christmas period I’ve still managed to lose fat. Really enjoyed the past 8 weeks and honestly couldn’t have done it without your guidance.

Josh Williams

I would like to thank you for your program and assistance! I’ve recommended it to many. The last two weeks kicked my butt. Between kidney stones and 3 days of work travel, it messed up my training and diet. I am still highly pleased with the transformation. Hope to continue working with you in the future! I ended up weighing out at 178 lbs.

Safa Shabbar

I feel so much less bloated and my stomach is showing more definition again! Thank you for your help and guidance!


Hi Duncan! Thanks so much for this awesome program! My body has felt the best it’s been in 2 years! It wasn’t until this program that I realized how important BCAAs actually were lol!


Thank you for all your help. It’s made a big difference to me and my state of mind and made me happier and more confident. I look better and feel better!


Thank you for an amazing 8 Week program! Final totals = 41 lbs loss. Weight as of this morning is 304. I have also regained a lot of my strength/endurance so this program as been phenomenal.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As hard as week 5-7 were because of work, I got back on track and finished. 178 lbs. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t stay on track for those weeks but I’m happy. I plan on continuing this. Thank you again.

Kelsey W.

Thank you so much for all your help over the past few months! I feel so much better about myself!


I just wanted to thank you for everything! The plan worked out great for me . Love the change up in the workouts . Def got me started in the right direction and realizing food/diet is a very important part of any goals you wanna have in the gym. Just lifting heavy things without a plan can only get you so far! I’ve started to get a great idea of what works for me based off of these 8 weeks! Thanks for everything!


Thank you so much for the opportunity to transform myself! I love the personalized workouts and variety of foods to eat. I’ve noticed significant muscle gains in my back and my legs are finally becoming solid again! Working my way towards more gains and more definition!

Final weight is 129lbs


Many thanks for giving me the tools to become this person today.
This has raised my awareness in terms of food, exercise and realized the importance of frequent pictures.
When putting side by side the pics of week 1 and today I cannot believe the results and although the journey was tough and I did not exercise properly the first weeks.
It was a pleasure and I would definitively recommend you to everybody who need a serious help.  Thank you!
Final weight is 129lbs


Thank you for all your help with the great, easy to follow workouts and meal plans both have helped me know that I can achieve my goals and what I have to do to get where I want to get to. I am very very happy with the results so far so thanks again.


I just wanted to say thank you for the coaching with my 8 week transformation program. I’m grateful for you cuz now my knowledge for eating healthy has grown. Even though I’m not where I would want to be physically with my body yet, doing your program definitely pushed me and showed me that I can do anything I set my mind to! My craving for being healthy and sexy is much more reachable now!

Andres Ruiz

Thanks for all the help these past 8 weeks. Meal prep was a big key of my success. I would definitely do this again.


Just wanted thank you for the diet and workout plan I feel much better about myself and on my journey to being a healthy and fit thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.


Thanks for everything! Pictures are below! Not going to lie, it was harder than I expected. But I’m happy with where I ended up. I lost a total of 9 pounds!! I feel a lot lighter & healthier! Not where I want to be, but definitely happy with the results! Thanks again!


I’ve done more in these 8 weeks than I did all of last year going to the gym. I loved the workouts and the meal plan was easy to follow. Thanks for everything, I feel great!

Kevin Pedrosa

This morning I came in at 274. This program changed my mindset on how to eat and exercise. This what I needed to motivated me to lose more weight. When I put side profile from week 1 to week 8 you can really see a difference. Thank you for giving me a great start to my 2017 fitness journey.


These last 8 weeks have been tough but well worth it! I lost a total of 16 pounds and am more excited than ever to get to my goal weight! I would recommend @duncanlukas 8 week challenge to anyone ready and willing to change and improve their body! Put in the work and it will happen.

Ronnie Eggleston

Hey man, this program is absolutely amazing the different ideas I’ve learned about my body are crazy. I defiantly realized EATING is a BIG deal. I am actually going run something similar to this until the end of July. Thank you, I’m vascular in my legs and all over like I’ve wanted to be I cannot wait to see what each month to month brings. THANK YOU, for your help and always responding quickly. You the man!


Thank you so much! Your meal and training plan was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. I have so much more energy and feel healthy and fit! #44andfit

Stephany Romero

Thank you so much! I am finally seeing results and I have learned a lifestyle change. I am stronger and more consistent at the gym and I loved the routine you gave me! The meal plan, too, is the best I have encountered thus far! Thank you so much! There is still more fitness goals to accomplish but you helped me towards a good start to my those goals. Thank you for motivating me and guiding me!

Monica Perez

Thank you so much for helping me by providing a program with very reasonable prices, organized workouts and a meal plan. Meal plans are always the hardest because most are strict but yours is easy to follow. You are the best. I lost weight but most important I lost 7 inches off my waist. like WOW! Love it.

Kathy Gilmore

Thank you so much for all your help! I have to admit it wasn’t easy. I love food, so the diet was the hardest part for me. I pretty much stuck to the diet hardcore. Having my husband doing the program with me, helped me so much. I lost 17 lbs with your help and I’m a lot stronger and in better shape. I have never really done any lifting. I have to say I’m hooked!! Again, thank you for all your help!!

Shamba Schmidt

It has been an uphill battle dealing with a torn calf muscle but I did It! The meal plan became my religion and the result speak for itself! Down 7 lbs and 3% body fat!! Definitely continuing this journey! Thanks so much!!

Austin Staunton

This is the start of my journey! Since December I’ve lost over 35lbs and your program REALLY helped me step it up! I lost 21lbs in 8 weeks working with you, gained a lot more muscle and lost 2.25 inches from my waist! Technically these pictures are a day early but I’ll be in meetings all day tomorrow!

Kaz Sin

I MADE IT! I’M ALIVE! LOL man what an amazing journey! I loved your program so much I signed up for the 6 months online training! The hardest part was finding the time for the gym. I have a 3-4hr round trip commute to work, 50-60hrs work week, no kitchen (I used a plug in walk and toaster oven) and trying to maintain my social life, but guess what?! I did it! Point being no excuses! Your program is great and affordable! Thanks for being very responsive! I lost 2 inches off my waist and 10 pounds! I feel amazing!

Marwan Salfiti

This has been an extremely long, but super fun and educational process for me. I’ve struggled with weight and body image for my whole life. I don’t really think I have ever truly considered myself to be overweight, but looking back at my lifestyle, my eating habits and my choices, I realize I wasn’t ever truly being proactive about making my health a top concern in my life.

About a year ago, I decided to make a change. I felt like I owed it to myself to stop looking at online transformations, stop thinking about how I could be better and just do it. So that’s what I did. I signed up for an online fitness program with @duncanlukas and I was off. I held myself accountable and slowly but surely, everything started to fall into place.

Anyone can do it. I’ve referred a number of friends to the program and they’ve all succeeded. But something that is really important to understand, is that if you want change, you have to do the work. I encourage anyone looking to make a change to try it.

Kenneth StLawrence

I was quickly approaching the age of 45 and committed to getting myself back in shape. Your program was exactly what I needed and I wanted to thank you for your help. Although the diet was a huge adjustment for me, the structure was exactly what I needed to achieve the level of progress and gains that I did. The workouts were never easy but they also never got boring.

I actually found myself looking forward to the bi-weekly emails to see what type of workouts and exercises were in store for me in the upcoming weeks. My before and after pics definitely showed great progress, however, the true measure of success came when my two teenage sons told me that I was “ripped” and no longer had a “dad-body.” Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Petra English

Here are my week 8 pics! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done in making the meal plans and work out plans and just being an inspiration. I went in to this wanting to lose 20 pounds. And I did it! Current weight is 150.2! I’m so extremely happy with the results and proud of the work I put in. Your plan made it easy to reach my goals. Thank you so much!

Alisa Cook

I am very excited to report my final weight of 134.4!!! It wasn’t a perfect 8 weeks, and I can only imagine my results of it had been. But that is life haha. I just want to thank you for your guidance, support, and motivation to get me where I am today. I had just finished a 12 week training g program before yours and only had lost 6 pounds. I was defeated. But started yours and immediately saw results! So thank you:)

Luis Marin

Thank you so much Lukas! I lost 17 and a half pounds!!! Thank you for guiding me and being involved. I really didn’t think I would feel so full of energy in 8 weeks. I just signed my wife up for her first 8 weeks this morning as well!

Marissa Driggs

I just finished the 8 weeks!

So overall I….
LOST nearly 20lbs (170-150) went DOWN from size 12 to size 6 I CAN DO pullups never once used a treadmill.

This plan was AMAZING it taught me how to meal prep, and really helped me understand the emotional connection I have with food and helped me stop eating unnecessarily (out of boredom, frustration, etc.) I am super comfortable in the gym now; I can go to the gym, get stuff done, and leave feeling accomplished.

Thank you for all of your help, support, and guidance!

Sarai Ozuna

Hello Lukas , here are the photos for my very last check in, I love the results! I feel so much better,I feel so healthy, i can’t believe what A difference a diet can make in all aspects of life. I’ve learned so much and I will take everything I learned from you with me for life. You changed my life Lukas, I was so Insecure before and now I feel so good about myself before I wouldn’t be caught dead in a 2 piece bathing suit and now I can’t wait to buy some!


Minator Kryeziu

At the beginning, 5 months ago I began my fitness journey with you… I told myself “ fit before 30 “ and that’s just what I did.. got it before reaching the age of 30. Today as I reflect on my birthday, I want to thank you for everything .. and I will continue to work with you. This is the lowest weight I can remember.

Im sending you two pics that I am posting up.. some of my coworkers are asking how!!!! And yes you can post up the results.

The journey is far from over.. now it’s time to cut!

Manu Singh

Dear Lukas,
Please find attached my pictures for the final week.

I started with your first 8week plan when I weighed 78 kgs. With the final week of our second 8week plan, I am at 70.8 kgs.

I want to sincerely thank you for the amazing plan. I never thought I could ever lose weight with hypothyroidism, but with your diet plan and workout, I not only lost weight, but my thyroid levels have dropped.

I feel stronger now, more motivated and better inside out. In a recent BCA that I did, I found that my visceral fat levels have lowered from 11 to 9.

Thank you for your amazing plan and kind guidance. You are an amazing trainer.


Michael Licata

Lukas I finished my 8 weeks today. Weighing in at exactly 250. I lost a solid 40 pounds and 7 inches of my waist. I hired you for another year, so this is just my starting point. I had a terminal cancer 4 years ago, which I beat it’s ass, nut I put on almost 100 pounds from being laid up for over 3 years. From the surgeries I got a chronic condition in my leg called lymphedema. It has greatly improved since I lost weight.

I was trying to get into shape and nothing was working. Your blueprint showed me the way! I still want to lose another 20 to 30 pounds. I am going to repeat weeks 8 workout this week, because It is as short week for me. I want to start my year with you next Monday. I purchased it from you when I bought the 8 weeks. Could you please send me the workouts. My goal is for a muscular, lean, athletic look. I would love an 8 pack!

Maria Salazar

Just want to thank you for the knowledge that has helped me lose the weight i had very much trouble losing my self and for the opportunity to have worked with an awesome and also very understanding coach. I’m still in shock I lost so much weight. I would have not been able to do this myself so im very grateful for your help. Thank you again caoch lukas for working with me through 16 weeks!

Rachel Kellard

I originally signed up for an 8 week transformation in December of 2018 where I lost 10lbs. I liked his workouts so much that I continued on with Lukas after the transformation challenge was done. His workouts are geared toward building muscle and leaning out and they are a great tool to have. I have plenty of friends that have used him in the past as well and saw great changes in there physique. I highly recommend doing one of his challenges!