Contest Prep


This is a completely custom plan that includes a meal plan, workout/cardio routine, supplement guide, and official check ins every week.  Preps are 16 weeks at the minimum.  I will look at your before pictures after you sign up, and let you know how long you need to prep for the show.

When you sign up for your plan, a questionnaire email is sent that gathers all your info and helps me design your custom plan.  There is a lot that goes into competing and stepping on stage and I cover every single detail.  Final week “peak week” protocol and a healthy post show rebound phase is also included.

Throughout your prep, you have 24/7 email support and can ask any questions/concerns about your plan at any time.  I make any adjustments necessary to your plan when you check in.

Contest prep is vigorous and mentally tough but I support you along the way and bring you in at your very best for the show!

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