Online Coaching VS Personal Training

The world of training and coaching is growing. There are now more ways to have a trainer or get access to one than ever. The old way was to show up at a gym, ask for a trainer and they would just put you through a workout. Now, you can sign up for an online coach who handles not only your workouts, but nutrition, supplements, cardio routine, and a whole lot more.

However, the question arises… Which one is better?

Let’s break them down.


Personal Training

Personal training is old school. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best. When you get a personal trainer, they show up, give you a workout and count your reps. They may shout a few inspirational quotes at you, but it’s more of someone just watching you.

This is helpful for some. It may give them some accountability with their workouts.  Some people need someone to be there with them and show them exactly what to do.

However, personal training can be very expensive. Most trainers value their service based on the amount of time you are spending with them 1-on-1. A session could range from $50-$250 (depending on the city and gym). This can limit some people’s access to it, but you also don’t get as much bang for the buck. Most personal training is not going to include nutrition plans, all of your check-ins, written workouts, or supplement guides. So, the question arises, is it worth it?

Personal training for some people may be all they need, and that is perfectly okay! However, if you are truly looking to maximize your results you may want to look elsewhere.


Online Coaching

Online coaching has BLOWN up recently. Many trainers are taking to the web or social media to do their job. It makes sense, due to the fact that you gain access to millions of people, versus only having access to people in close proximity.

Typically, this type of coaching is going to include a ton of value. You are going to get more 1-on-1 attention because coaches aren’t expected to be in a location. You get help with more than just your rep counting in the form of nutrition help, supplement guides, and constant support. It’s like taking your coach with you in your back pocket.

It’s also more affordable! Coaches are able to handle a higher volume of online clients versus in person, so they are able to decrease the cost. This allows for more people to even be able to use the service, thus helping more people reach their goals! The cost is affordable, and you are getting tons of add-ons as well.

With online coaching, you are also getting a little more attention. Instead of only seeing your coach or trainer during a scheduled session, you are getting time outside of that to build a relationship. Your coach gets to know you better, which allows them to help you even more. The service is way more in depth than personal training.

You may not be seeing them in person all the time, but you have 24/7 access to them via email, messaging, or txt.  This can help to build an even stronger coach/client relationship. The possibilities are endless when you are working with an online coach versus a personal trainer.



Everyone has a preference. Some may prefer an in-person trainer, while some may prefer working online. Either way, the best service is going to come from online coaching.

Again, find what is going to work best for you!