Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout


Anytime you walk into a supplement store or go to order online there are a million different supplements to choose from. One of the most popular right now is pre-workout. These supplements are designed to help you through intense workouts by giving you energy, focus, and bigger pumps! This leads to an all-around more enjoyable experience in the gym, plus helps you push through those plateaus!


With that being said, there are really two main types of pre-workout. One of these contains stimulants. The other kind is considered non-stimulant. Basically, the stimulant pre-workout is going to provide you with higher levels of energy via a stimulant ingredient (more on that soon), while the non-stimulant still provides you with these benefits but without the stimulating ingredients.


Each one has its own use and intensity levels, and really which one you choose comes down to preference.


We’re going to be using 1UP Nutrition’s products in these categories for ingredients and comparison! Let’s get into it!


What are Stimulant Ingredients

A stimulating ingredient is something that works on the brain and nervous system to stimulate more energy. The main stimulating ingredient in most pre-workouts is caffeine! This is something that has long been used to boost energy levels, whether for work or even workouts. Each pre-workout contains these things in varying degrees, so you can pick and choose how much you really want. Some range from smaller doses similar to a cup of coffee, while others are much stronger and closer to 3-4 cups of coffee.


The 1UP Nutrition pre-workout contains around 300mg of caffeine anhydrous. This is just a concentrated form of caffeine, and it packs a punch. This is combined with other ingredients such as Beta Alanine that will help extend the amount of work you can do without getting tired.


These ingredients are great for producing that high energy feeling that you need to crush your workouts, however, they can keep you wired at night. This is why it’s recommended that you keep consumption of stimulants further away from bedtime. You may even be able to fall asleep, but it won’t be a deep sleep. Other than this, pre-workout with stimulants is great! Especially when they’re properly dosed like this one.


What are Non-Stimulant Ingredients

Now, we’ve talked about stimulants such as caffeine, so what are some ingredients that would be called non-stimulant?


Any pre-workout that doesn’t have a stimulant, basically doesn’t have caffeine. Instead, they focus more on things that increase focus, endurance, mood, and your pump. These are huge benefits when it comes to working out, they just don’t require that extra boost.


Ingredients like citrulline (nitric oxide boost for pumps), arginine (nitric oxide boost for pumps), beta alanine (less fatigue), betaine (increases protein synthesis),DMAE (increases cognition), L-DOPA (boosts mood), and 1% huperzine A(improves cognition) all provide you with a boost during your workout without stimulants. These are all found in the 1UP Nutrition Stimulant Free Pre-Workout!


Something like this will keep you locked in during a workout, while also delivering sick pumps. In addition, it won’t give you jitters or keep you up all night. You can even have this close to bedtime and be perfectly fine!


Which is Better?

When it comes down to choosing what is best, this comes down to preference. If you aren’t very tolerant of caffeine, then go for something without it. If your schedule requires that you lift later at night, then you may need to go for something without stimulants.


On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes that rush and needs a little boost for that morning workout, then grabbing something with caffeine is right up your alley.


One won’t necessarily make you better over the other one.



You now have options. Not every per-workout is going to be full of caffeine, and if that’s what you like you can easily find it. You can utilize something with stimulant free ingredients and still see a massive benefit in your workout performance and gains!