My Top 3 Tips for Cutting



Cutting season is something that pretty much everyone is looking froward to! It’s when you can work hard to show off all of the work you’ve put in on building muscle. Cutting really just means that you are losing weight, but more importantly cutting body fat. This is going to allow those muscles to show. This is accomplished by you eating less food in a way that puts you into a caloric deficit. A deficit just means that more calories are going out than are going in!

Now, cutting comes with its own challenges and you’re going to want to have all of the advantages you can get. That’s why, in this article I’m going to be providing my Top 3 Tips for cutting!

Let’s get into it.


1. Don’t Add Extra Calories to Meals


It’s really easy to mess up a cut by going way over on your calories. It’s important to stick to your food list that is provided with your plan. Any other sauces or drinks could be bringing in tons of calories that you’re trying to avoid, and you may not even be aware of it. It adds up quick! You can, however, use zero calorie seasonings, sauces, and drinks. These are fine because they won’t push you over on your intake!


2. Do Your Cardio in the AM


Cardio is best done either in the mornings or after your workouts. It’s the perfect way to burn fat for a cut. Cardio first thing in the morning is fasted cardio. Fasted cardio just means you wake up, drink some water or coffee, and get in your exercise. This is usually some sort of low, steady state cardio like walking or the stair climber. Your body won’t have much in it, so it can get right to the fat stores for energy. Doing it post workout, just means doing it immediately after all of your lifting. This is going to allow your body to burn fat because the glycogen you have stored will have been used up. From here, you can go ahead and have your post workout shake.


3. Keep Your Training Hard


You don’t have to change your workouts for a cut. They need to stay pretty intense and heavy to keep driving that change and maintain muscle mass. The only thing you’ll be changing is actually bringing in more cardio and eating less. We want to keep the training the same because the raining that built the muscle, is the same training that’s going to help you maintain the muscle.




Cutting is something that can be a little challenging, so you’re going to want as much help as possible. If you focus on these tips along with some dedication and hard work, you’ll be showing off all of those muscles you built. It’s just a matter of execution. Focus on avoiding sneaky, added calories; getting your cardio in early or after a workout; and keeping your training the same. You do these three things, and you’ll be exactly where you need to be.