How To Stay Motivated


Motivation may be one of the most sought-after feelings in the world. People spend hours thinking, scrolling, and searching for motivation to do the things they want to do. There is no shortage of people looking for motivation when it comes to the gym and fitness as well. It’s not always easy to go to the gym after a long day of work. Early gym sessions get harder and harder – so you look for motivation.

Motivation can come in a ton of different forms! Some people look to music for motivation, while others read inspiring quotes. While you may have your own forms of motivation, I’m going to provide you with some full-proof ways of getting motivated and keeping it that way.

Keep Things Fresh

Freshness brings about motivation. It can come in many forms, which allows for a lot of room for creating something unique. For example, new gym clothing can be extremely motivating. What other place can you flaunt what you just got than the gym? It gives you a reason to look forward to it.

Cycling your goals is also a great way in which you can create some motivation. Sure, you can do the same thing well, forever, but switching things up is a great way to stay motivated. This can be done by going from a cutting phase to a bulking phase. It could also be done by switching up your training style for various different sports, activities, or goals. It gives you chance at something new, as well as a chance to feel “fresh” at something again.

It’s also important to stay motivated with your nutrition. Eating the same foods over and over again can really lower your morale. You can create some motivation by switching up your foods and eating different things! There are healthy foods that can be eaten that aren’t chicken and rice. Give it a go and you’ll find yourself very motivated for that next meal.

Create a Habit

Nothing is more motivating than the lack of needing motivation. When we create habits, these behaviors become second nature. At this point, you end up doing things because that’s just what you do. Therefore, you can bypass the need for motivation when you can integrate more habits into your life. This is done by repetition over time. Going to the gym on the way home from work becomes a habit after you’ve done it multiple times. Next thing you know, going home without the gym feels weird. That’s what it feels like once you’ve created a habit.

Join a Group or Community

Staying motivated can be tough alone and that’s exactly why you need to be a part of a group or community. In these groups you have people who will help you through rough patches, push you on the hard days, and keep you accountable. It can really be a game changer for getting your goals accomplished.

I’ve worked to create a supportive community that really goes the extra mile when it comes to uplifting others. This type of teamwork and support has been groundbreaking for individuals and their goals. Feel free to check it out HERE!

Create a Why

At the end of the day, what matters will always be your WHY. When you get clear on that, you can find all of the motivation in the world. This isn’t something that always comes easy, and you may have to take some time to actually figure this out. I suggest sitting down and writing it out. Figure out your why and you’ll tap into limitless motivation.

Closing Thoughts

Motivation comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s important that you figure out what you NEED for motivation. This allows you to really hone into the things that matter the most. You can find motivation in new gym clothes, rotating tasty foods, creating habits, joining an online community, and spending time with your why. Those are some guaranteed stores of motivation for when you need it the most. You got this!