How to Stay Accountable

Getting in shape sounds simple. However, so many people find it to be much more difficult than they thought. It isn’t that they couldn’t do it or weren’t doing something right. More so it’s usually due to them not having enough checks and balances. These checks and balances come in the form of accountability. Accountability is the one thing that can help keep us on the right track when looking to achieve a certain result.

Accountability can really come in the form of three things. Sometimes it may be a friend, other times it may be a coach, or it could just be yourself if done properly. Either way, having some form of accountability is crucial to you getting the best results.


Why Would You Need a Coach?

Often times, no offense to them, our friends aren’t the best accountability tool. They can help move the needle some, but progress really comes about when you hire a coach. A coach is the perfect method for accountability. Coaches are there to make sure that you are doing what needs to be done, checking to make sure you are doing it right, and providing feedback for the process.

For example, I help my clients stay accountable to their results by having them send progress pictures along with a weigh in. This helps hold them accountable for doing the work, but also allows them to track their progress. As they track and keep up with their results, they become more committed. Real changes happening, and there being some consistent proof is always a great reminder to hold it together. As they provide me with this information, I can also start to make adjustments to their plans. This is never a static process and takes constant tweaking to get things where they need to be.


Coaches and Communities

It should also be noted that coaches are great, but even better is a coach that has created a community. Having both a coach and a group full of people just like you is phenomenal. As humans, we thrive off of community, and using something like a Facebook group can make this even more effective. Everyone within this group will work together to hold the other accountable. So, not only are you getting expert feedback from a coach, but now you have a community to keep you above water.

I currently have a Facebook group that is just for clients. Once you work with me you are added to this group and welcomed like family. Everyone within this community is there to support and motivate the others. They spend time sharing progress photos, workouts, successes, and even more. Once something is posted, they all start to lift each other up.


Holding Yourself Accountable

As mentioned, holding yourself accountable is possible too. This one just takes a little work, and that in itself could need accountability. For most, this may come as tracking some sort of metric, writing in a journal, or even some sort of routine.

Many people like to hold themselves accountable by measuring some sort of metric. Often times, this will be something like your total step count. With smart watches, we can now track our steps all day. People have started to use this as a benchmark of sorts. They will set a goal for a certain number of steps, and if they hit it, they have stayed on track, if not, then they’ve failed. This is a great as some form of bumpers on the accountability scale. If you can consistently focus on that, not only will you make some progress, but you will stay accountable as well.

Journaling is also a great accountability practice. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and there is a lot of freedom in how you can do it. Most will just grab a notebook and start writing. This is great. It’s almost like a brain dump and this will have massive benefit on your mental health. In addition, you can build a streak with journaling. Keeping up with each day that it’s completed will lead you to continue staying accountable.

Lastly, building a routine is helpful for keeping you accountable. Similar to the example of journaling, you can build a streak with this. Really the streak gets started off with the routine. For most, this will mean a morning routine. For example, you may set an alarm for 6:00AM for waking up. From here, you are going to hit a 10-minute walk. After that, you will take care of breakfast, showering, and getting dressed. Lastly, you will head out the door to work or gym or whatever it is you are doing. The point is that there exists a series of events that lead you to gain momentum in your day. Sticking with these initiates all of the good things you are trying to stay committed to, and this is how it can improve accountability.


Accountability Matters

In the grand scheme of getting amazing results, you’re going to have to find some form of accountability. This will help you to stay committed and see your intentions through. Now, this can come in any form or fashion. However, a coach is a great place to start if you want that added accountability component.

See how you can start to seek out or build your accountability system to best support your goals and desires.