This may be a fitness buzzword for you. An increase in testosterone has been well sought after for many individuals, whether it’s for health, fitness, or quality of life. Some individuals even go as far as getting testosterone replacement therapy.


Where there may be situations where some individuals need that, you can boost your testosterone levels naturally. This is obviously the safest route and can lead to an awesome increase in muscle mass, mood, and libido.


Why would you even want to increase it?

You may be wondering if you are even someone who would benefit from an increase in testosterone. Well, higher levels of testosterone are correlated with an increase in muscle mass and even a reduction in body fat. Think about the time when you were a teenager. You were exploding with testosterone. This is why when individuals begin to weight lift at an early age, they see fast results. They have the testosterone needed to build muscle and keep the body fat stores low. As you age, your natural levels of testosterone decrease, which is why it is so much more difficult to build muscle and stay lean.

If that sounds like you, then you may want to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

All in all, the benefits are enough to make someone want to increase it. When test levels are high you can expect to be stronger, have more muscle mass, lose body fat, have higher energy levels, and have an increased sex drive. If you are interested in an improvement in your physical fitness, then you will also have a nice boost as well.


How you can do it

There are really three ways in which you can increase your testosterone naturally. Your diet, working out, and supplementation.

Your diet can have a huge impact on your testosterone levels. As you age, this becomes even more important. The body needs more of the right stuff to synthesize testosterone. Therefore, if you were to match your food intake to what your body needs, you have a higher chance of keeping your testosterone regular. Foods such as red meat, oysters, tuna, and eggs can all help to increase your testosterone levels. Most of these foods have what the body needs to create testosterone, therefore, increasing your total testosterone.

Being physically active helps the body to produce more testosterone. This creates a good kind of stress that causes a chain reaction in the body. It produces a signal that tells the body, “Hey, start making the good stuff!” This is increased even more when you are performing resistance training. Using heavier weights in your training leads the body to create that same signal, but even stronger. The body needs to recover from this type of training and producing testosterone does just the trick.

Supplementation can also be used to naturally boost your testosterone. This can be done by using chemical-free products that focus on using natural substances to enhance your total testosterone, and testosterone production. Typically, a supplement such as this is just taken as part of your daily regime and helps overtime to provide strong benefits. A great product that you can use is Pro Test Max by 1UP nutrition. They have a very open and transparent formula that provides a natural boost for your testosterone.

These are three natural ways in which you can improve your overall testosterone levels.


How does it get low?

There are couple of reasons that could be leading to your lower levels of testosterone. The main source tends to be age, as there is just a natural decline in the amount produced. However, some of the same ways in which you can increase it, can be the reason for it being low.

For starters, you diet matters. There are foods that can contain what are referred to as “anti-nutrients”. These are things that actually work to lower your levels of testosterone. You can see this in foods such as soy, alcohol, processed sugars, and trans fats. All of which have a negative impact on your T-levels!

A lack of physical activity can also lead to poor testosterone levels. This happens due to the lack of that good stress on the body. Without it, the body is not getting the signal to produce more testosterone, and if you don’t use it, you lose it. There is also a higher risk of being overweight for individuals who are not physically active. When you carry around excess visceral fat, this can lead to a reduction in the testosterone levels you possess.

So, staying active and eating the right foods can help to prevent a drop in your testosterone levels. Obviously, you are going to lose some as you age, but that is where you can take initiative with the mentioned methods from above.

You will also want to avoid any of the mistakes that will lead to an even faster drop in your test levels. Stay away from the foods that were mentioned, at least in high amounts, and keep yourself active.

By giving effort to increase your test levels and taking precaution to not decrease it, you will have a pretty strong recipe for high levels of testosterone.



Testosterone is an important hormone in males for muscle recovery, fat storage, energy, and libido. All of which are desired outcomes for most. When age increases, your testosterone can decrease. This is just part of the human lifecycle.

However, there are measures that can be taken to naturally increase your levels of testosterone. It comes down to what you eat, your physical activity levels, and supplementation. All of which can be implemented to improve test levels.