Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

With the current state of affairs there are numerous people who are having to switch to at home workouts. This is great for some, yet others aren’t as lucky. The reason being is that there is a lack of equipment. Not everyone has dumbbells or barbells that they can use at free will.

Luckily, that’s okay! It doesn’t take much to get a good at home workout. You actually need very little equipment! Sometimes we feel as if we HAVE to have all of the bells and whistles, but that’s getting debunked as we speak.

One of the best pieces of equipment that you can use is going to be a resistance band.


What They Are

Resistance bands are made of rubber, almost like a giant rubber band. They can be used for a million different exercises and movements. What makes them so useful is the resistance that they can provide. The bands come in various thicknesses and this is what dictates the amount of resistance they will give.

When we are looking to workout, whether to build muscle, get stronger, or just be active, we need. That resistance. We normally provide it for ourselves by using weights and we work against gravity. However, when using bands, we are working against that elasticity.

Typically, the most popular will be a 10lb band, which isn’t very thick. However, it will be the most versatile band that you can have.


Will the Workout Be as Good?

Some may question whether or not the workout would be just as good as if using weights. The answer is yes! It just depends on what you do with the band and how you use it.

The biggest thing is that resistance is being placed on the muscles. The second in that there is a reasonable amount of volume or reps being used. If you have these two variables, then your workouts will be great, and you can make some nice gains.

It may even be a nice break from what you are used to. There is a little more freedom to be creative when working out with bands.


What Can You Do with Them?

Resistance bands are extremely versatile. There are varying exercises, rep ranges, and technique changes that you can do!

You’ll be able to do many of the same exercises you were already doing, and even hit the same muscle groups. For example, you can do rows similar to how you would on a cable machine. All you have to do is anchor the bands to something sturdy, grab each side like a handle, and row.

You can do pushups by stringing the band across your back to hit your chest. The band can be looped under your feet, from there you can do bicep curls. All of which by using one single band.

If you are worried whether or not the weight will be enough, don’t worry, you can change that as well. All you have to do is get closer or pull more tension on the band. If it’s too heavy, just let some slack out.

The possibilities are endless with resistance bands!


So, what are The Benefits of Using Bands

For starters, you can gain muscle mass. By keeping your nutrition in check and bringing the heat with your band workouts, you can build muscle all the same!

You can strengthen those smaller muscles that may get neglected with a more complex movement. So, you are working towards more stability and less injury!

They are super convenient and don’t take up much space. Let’s say you live in a studio apartment; this would be great. You can easily store it and won’t need much room when it’s time to hit the “gym”.

Resistance bands can be used with even a beginner level of fitness. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to successfully use resistance bands. They are easy to use, hard to mess up, and the injury risk is very low.

Lastly, there are numerous exercises that you can do, which means you won’t get bored. People are worried during this time that they’ll get bored of their new at home routines.


Want One?!

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